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How to FINALLY  Heal

Depression, Anxiety &
Childhood Sexual Trauma

...without years of therapy
or mountains of self-help books


from your


Transformational Healing Method is for anyone who’s dedicated to breaking free from their past – so you can live a life of confidence, peace, and genuine happiness.



You’re a successful, driven high-achiever. You seem to have it all… but on the inside, you feel something different.

You’re struggling with depression, anxiety, and anger. 

You’ve tried years of therapy and buried yourself under piles of self-help books. You've searched for relief at the bottom of a wine bottle. Or you’ve tried overeating to numb the pain. 

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But you can’t seem to break free from what happened to you as a child. So you…

  • Cancel plans with family or friends so you can sleep off the panic attacks and feelings of uncertainty.

  • Stay constantly busy, often working late hours so you can avoid the bad memories.

  • Shove your thoughts and emotions to the back of your mind, but the anger seems to always creep up and lash out.

  • See therapist after therapist, but all they seem to do is provide coping skills without giving you a sustainable path to recovery.


“My daily experience was a life filled with pain, depression, and anger. I put all my energy into work, thinking this would give me purpose and self-worth. Work was just a distraction from my deeper issues...I had no quality of life and didn’t know where to start. I wanted a solution and wanted to start over.


I finally said, “I’m sick and tired of feeling this way” and decided to book a call with Trish. I was absolutely ready for help and knew I couldn’t do it on my own. I instantly felt relieved, knowing in my heart I was in good hands.


Trish’s program pushed me outside my comfort zone – but in a good way. I grew so much... I’m now a strong, confident woman, who is fearless and ready to pursue my dreams!”




You’re left feeling like everything you’ve tried is a band-aid, and you wonder if you can actually heal from your past.


You wish you could find a solution that’ll help you move past the trauma and painful memories so you can feel strong, empowered, and fearless.


The recovery options you’ve been presented with so far are outdated and limited in how they can help you.


  • The traditional therapy model helps you understand surface-level symptoms,  offering you basic guidance. But it lacks the level of expertise and specific knowledge needed to recover from trauma. (The very few models that address trauma take years and years to complete.)

  • Group therapy or a support group sounded like a good idea at the time, but it didn’t have the depth, focus, and scheduling flexibility that you want and need.

  • Self-help books can be interesting, but oftentimes, the advice they give is too simplistic. They don't lead you to the results you deserve.


These common treatments do help some, but they don’t work for everyone. And it’s not your fault that these options haven’t worked for you.


Hi, I’m Trish French, MSW, CAP, LCSW. As a licensed therapist and trauma specialist, I saw the limitations of these treatments firsthand. I witnessed how traditional therapy helped deal with everyday issues – but not with complex trauma. Seeing a therapist twice a week for 5+ years isn’t a time-sensitive approach to healing sexual trauma. It simply lacks the pace and focus needed to help you fully recover. 


Books and support groups are wonderful tools to complement treatment, but by themselves, they often miss the mark on helping you recover for the long term.


To get the healing you need and deserve, you need something different. Something more effective. More modern. More cutting-edge. Something on your timetable.

The truth is – you’re a remarkable person who endured the unthinkable. The work you’ve done so far to recover from your childhood sexual trauma is incredible. But there’s a problem...

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“My experience with Trish has been life-changing! I've never seen anything like her healing approach after attending therapy for 23 years. Her modernized method is the new way of therapy. Her kind heart and passion empowered me throughout the entire journey. I always felt she had my back.”

– Jennifer


This is where Transformational Healing Method comes in.

  •  Transformational Healing Method is a start-to-finish, cutting-edge process that walks you through the exact steps to successfully heal from your trauma in a lasting way.

  • You’ll be supported each step of the way as you understand and work through how and why your past trauma is showing up in your life today.

  • You’ll feel encouraged and empowered knowing you can calmly focus on every step in the comfort of your own home.

  • You’ll grow in confidence as you release the grip of your past, take accountability for your present, and design a future you’re excited about.

  • You’ll have the support of me – your personal coach, licensed therapist, and trauma specialist – along with other trauma survivors on a similar journey. 


I’ve helped hundreds of survivors of childhood sexual trauma – survivors just like you – find healing from their past and live lives of confidence and true happiness.


I know what it’s like to want healing so badly, but feel like the options out there just aren’t cutting it. I saw it with my mother and how she spent her life struggling for control and wrestling with anxiety after surviving sexual trauma. And I saw it in my own recovery as the daughter of a parent who survived trauma. 


My husband, Joshua, and I walked through that journey as he healed from the trauma in his past. He experienced firsthand the flaws of our mental health system and now joins me as an advocate for your healing.


My mission is to help survivors of childhood trauma get unstuck and on a path of healing that actually works. That’s why we created this program. In it, I’ll give you the exact tools and a clear path to follow – so you can experience the healing, strength, purpose, self-worth, and peace that you so deserve.


How would you feel to:

  • Look in the mirror every day and love the person you saw.

  • Go out with friends or family – and feel energized about it!

  • Work normal hours and take a vacation without feeling guilty or like you’re disappointing others.

  • Have a calm, peaceful mind that’s empowered to handle conflict or triggers instead of them handling you.

  • Express your emotions in a healthy way and calmly handle life’s challenges. No more bottling up or lashing out!

  • Have a healthy, thriving dating relationship or marriage.

  • Feel passionate and connected to your partner and regain the spark of when you first fell in love.

  • Sleep soundly every night and wake up feeling energetic and enthusiastic to take on the day. No more flashbacks or constant worrying keeping you awake at night.

  • Finally feel happy and enthusiastic about life. Your day-to-day is no longer a fight, and fear no longer controls you!

  • Walk confidently forward in life, pursuing your dreams, and joyfully enjoying each moment.


All of this is possible for you.

I’ve done it. My husband has done it. And hundreds of my clients have done it.

Now, it’s your turn.

After 28 years, in and out of therapy, I was broken when I found Trish. I had seen a total of four therapists and had a shelf full of self-help books that let me down. 


Trish's program for childhood sexual abuse changed my life. I put everything I had into this opportunity, because I knew it was my second chance at a happy life. By the end of our time, I had a close relationship with my daughter, even made amends with my ex-wife. I built the confidence to run my own business and am proud to be an entrepreneur. I met an amazing woman, and we married a year later. I have frequent visits with my daughter and can't wait to be a grandfather.


While my past trauma took control of my life and almost cost me everything, I chose to fight. Continue to fight for your life and don't waste another minute feeling miserable. Do whatever it takes to work with Trish because it will completely change your life.”

– William


It’s a hybrid, virtual recovery program that includes:

  • Weekly healing modules and assignments so you can uncover, address, and release each layer of trauma

  • Individual coaching calls with Trish to celebrate your progress, identify any challenges, and empower you with exceptional support throughout your healing journey

  • Group Q&A coaching calls to answer your questions and provide you with solutions so you can move forward in confidence. These calls reinforce positive routines and are tailored to survivors of trauma.

  • A compassionate and supportive members-only network to hold you accountable and keep you inspired along the way

Throughout your 12 weeks, you’ll receive a balance of specialized therapy and personal coaching with me plus, a community that celebrates, motivates, and supports you.

So, what is Transformational Healing Method?

Transformational Healing Method is a 12-week accelerated path to lifelong healing from depression, anxiety, and childhood sexual trauma


In just 12 weeks…


You’ll engage in a private setting where you’ll be guided to:

  • Identify the surprising ways trauma is showing up in your life

  • Release your past hurts and reclaim your voice

  • Step into a future filled with passion, purpose, and wholeness


You’ll learn and apply powerful tools and techniques backed by psychology and neuroscience to:

  • Help you dissolve the anger and resentment that’s been bottled up for so long

  • Retrain your brain and reprogram the beliefs that have been subconsciously holding you back

  • Redefine how you want to move forward so you can draw clear boundaries without feeling guilty or anxious

And because it’s virtual, you’ll have access to your recovery 24-hours a day – no more squeezing your healing around the limited schedule of a therapist.

At the end of the 12 weeks, you’ll feel like a new person: one who loves yourself fully (inside and out) and is ready to embrace the future free from pain and full of hope and purpose.


Breaking free from your past so you can live a healthy, thriving life in the present starts with you.

“I'm a new woman, free from my past!

This experience not only transformed me but also changed the dynamics of my family. The best part of my life – I now live in the present moment every day with my family and it feels incredible!”

– Holli


You might be wondering… Will this actually work for me?

I know how it is. You’ve tried it all – years of therapy, treatment centers, shelves of self-help books, numbing with alcohol or food, pretending the abuse didn’t happen…. You have every right to wonder if healing – true, lasting healing – is even possible.


Transformational Healing Method was born out of the dire need to provide not just a treatment but a solution. This modern solution combines multiple modalities – from psychology, neuroscience, cognitive tools, and more – in a unique structure that’s unlike other programs out there.


My program is a proven system that has astounding results, and I know it can help you, too. But the program will only work if you work the program. 


Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what past clients have to say…


Before I worked with Trish, I was constantly overwhelmed with anxiety, depression, and fear. I felt worthless, pushed away people in relationships, and couldn't finish my nursing degree because I felt exhausted and burned out constantly. 

​After working through Trish's trauma program, anxiety, fear, and depression no longer control my life. I've learned how to deal with obstacles head-on and not allow my past to waste another minute of my life. It's freeing to know I have control over my emotions! I've built confidence in myself and am tackling my goals every day. I live in purpose and know exactly how I want my life to be!

I'm celebrating finishing my Nursing degree and am fulfilling my dream as a Registered Nurse. I met a wonderful, loving man, who treats me like a goddess! This new chapter of my life is just beginning and I'm so blessed. 



I remember growing up and watching my loved ones suffer from the effects of their childhood sexual trauma.

I experienced the lashing out, the fear, the stress. I had a wonderful upbringing, but I saw the patterns that I now recognize as coming from past sexual abuse

So I pursued therapy and trauma-healing as a career...

I enrolled at Florida State University and achieved my Master’s of Social Work. I then went on to receive my certifications as a Certified Addictions Professional and Trauma Specialist. I partnered with a former Tony Robbins team member to become a certified Transformational Coach. I also became a Licensed Therapist and started my practice in Clearwater, Florida. 

During this time, I met my now-husband, Joshua. He was going through his own healing journey as a survivor of childhood sexual trauma. He experienced firsthand how traditional therapy is outdated and slow-paced. Together, we walked through his – and my – healing and recovery.


I’ve spent the last 15 years as an avid traveler researching different cultures throughout the world. I was searching for solutions and wanted to understand why other countries had higher levels of happiness and healing. I wanted to pinpoint why so many survivors of trauma here in America are continuing to suffer.

This inspired my passion to find a better solution to trauma recovery.

What I found changed my path as a therapist.

Trauma limits the mind and body. It overrides your motivation, joy, and love of life. And our current mental healthcare system isn’t prepared to handle it.


I studied how other countries approached mental health, passion, and purpose. It was then that I uncovered how we could transform and heal survivors from trauma here in the United States.

That’s why I created Transformational Healing Method – a modern solution to heal survivors like you so you can live a life of wholeness, passion, and purpose. It’s a solution that lets you focus on recovering from the privacy, safety, and comfort of your own home.


Transformational Healing Method is the program I wish my family and my husband had. It’s helped my marriage with Joshua to overflow with passion and love. It’s a program that’s brought healing and transformation to hundreds of individuals and couples. I know it can do the same for you, too.


How is Transformational Healing Method different from other therapy I’ve tried?


My program takes the best of the best from therapy and coaching and combines it with cutting-edge methods of transformation. What does that mean? It means we go deep into your past and present to help you recover, release, AND create lasting change.


My methods combine:

  • elite therapeutic techniques

  • a hybrid individual therapy approach with daily accountability, mastery, and support

  • world-class coaching

  • powerful online course material

  • transformational application

  • and an out-of-this-world community of other top-notch survivors like yourself


No more walking through the waiting room, wondering if you’ll run into someone you know. No more having to take off work so you can fit into a therapist’s limited schedule. Transformational Healing Method is a modernized solution that prioritizes your privacy. And it brings you lasting healing on your timetable. 


How do I know if I’m the right fit for Transformational Healing Method?

You’re an ideal fit for my program if…

  • You’re a high-achieving professional who’s ambitious and ready to live an extraordinary life.


  • You’re resourceful and highly motivated. You’re committed to doing the deep, difficult work of healing from your past. You don’t want to wait one more day to find healing. 

  • You know that taking responsibility is important, and you’re committed to doing that in your past, present, and future.

  • You’re ready to fully prioritize your healing and will take the appropriate amount of time to attend the sessions and complete each module and assignment. You’re committed to trusting the whole process – even when it feels uncomfortable.

  • You’re eager to start an accelerated healing journey but recognize that for it to be successful, you have to show up and consistently do the work.

This program is ideal for those who are serious about finally healing from their painful past. 

This program works best for those who are highly committed, coachable, and resourceful. Transformational Healing Method isn’t easy or comfortable – but it is effective, safe, and supportive. We’ve had 400+ enrollments in our program, and we’re proud to share that 100% have successfully completed it.


Please Note:

When you apply to Transformational Healing Method, you’re applying to be part of a premium trauma recovery program. We prioritize your healing and want to make certain our approach will be an excellent fit for you. 


The best way to determine this is by having a Breakthrough Call with you. This is a conversation where we talk through your goals and discover if Transformational Healing Method is the best path to help you reach those goals and dreams.


We also recognize that this is a significant investment. Participating in our accelerated program requires your time, focus, and willingness for emotional vulnerability. We’ve created this one-of-a-kind program to cultivate long-lasting results and have seen that it’s truly life-changing. 

Transformational Healing Method isn’t just another childhood sexual trauma therapy program – it’s an investment in a new you.


You’re driven, successful, and want so much out of life. But the shadows of your past keep pulling you down. It’s time to finally get the lasting healing you need and so deserve.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is addressed in Transformational Healing Method?

Transformational Healing Method is a revolutionary 12-week program with one goal in mind – to help trauma survivors find lasting healing. It digs deep into your past and removes negative habits, self-doubt, and emotional disconnection. It teaches you how to master your emotions, focus on your health, and ignite your passions so you can live an extraordinary life with purpose.


Our program is the result of 15 years of international research, client studies, and extensive specialized knowledge. It’s designed to replace a decade worth of traditional therapy sessions – all in 12 weeks. 


Here’s a breakdown of what we help resolve during the program:

  • Depression, anxiety, fear, and anger

  • Low self-worth

  • Avoiding emotions 

  • Numbing pain via alcohol, prescriptions, emotional eating, and/or overworking

  • Shame, guilt, and self-blame

  • People-pleasing 

  • Lack of boundaries

  • Repeated abuse

  • Toxic relationships / friendships

  • Trust issues

  • Feeling disconnected from self and others

  • Low self-esteem and no confidence

  • Difficulty committing or investing in relationships

  • Feeling emotionally unstable

  • Sleep issues, insomnia, nightmares, and/or flashbacks

  • No passion or purpose for life

  • Lack of self-care

  • No drive or motivation to pursue hobbies, passions, or healthy routines


During the program, you’ll have access to the weekly modules, assignments, and empowering group support network 24-hours a day. These 12 weeks are designed to fit flexibly within your life and schedule. And after the 12 weeks are up, you’ll have a collection of all assignments and worksheets so you can refer back to the techniques and healing.


Will I get to work with Trish directly?

Yes! Transformational Healing Method is a hybrid program that includes individual healing work and peer support from other survivors. 


During your one-on-one time with Trish, she’ll provide you with expertise on healing and transformation. She’ll be personally involved with you every step of the way, supporting you through your challenges and cheering you on in your success.

How much time do I need to invest in the program?

The length of the modules and assignments will vary in time and effort each week. You may find that some exercises will take you longer than others.


We highly recommend setting aside 4-6 hours per week to dedicate towards your healing. This will allow you the time to complete the modules, attend all calls, and work through the personal assignments. 

Are you ready to break free from your past and finally heal?

You deserve to live a life that’s full of passion, purpose, and wholeness. We’re excited to share that we’re currently accepting applications for the next Transformational Healing Method group. We invite you to take the first step in healing your childhood sexual trauma by applying.

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