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We are a fully accredited HSA-approved medical service, passing all the stringent measures demanded by our medical funding partners, CareCredit, PatientFi and Prosper Healthcare. Our program is fully tax-deductible, as you are working with Trish French, a Licensed Therapist who is credentialed by the Department of Health & Medical Board. We are the only Sexual Trauma Treatment Program in the United States, partnered with the premier lending companies, CareCredit, PatientFi, and Prosper Healthcare. 

You are excited to become the "New You," but how do you pay for it? Life is anything but predictable and choosing to pursue treatment shouldn't mean risking your financial well-being. The application process is quick and easy. There is No Risk To Apply and No Impact To Your Credit Score. Fill out your application with our provider links below and in minutes, your offer will be waiting. We offer patient-friendly financing with 12 months 0% APR and personalized packages catered to your budget. 


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