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Licensed Therapist, Trauma & Addictions Specialist, Transformational Coach & Lifestyle Mentor


I’ve seen, first hand, loved ones around me suffering from mental health issues, as well as the impact it creates and what can be lost when it declines.

My mother was a trauma survivor and spent her life grappling for control and dealing with anxiety; this stunted her communication, relationships and opportunities. She only had the best of intentions, but that was often overshadowed by fear and stress. I had a wonderful upbringing, but I saw the patterns that I now recognize as coming from past sexual abuse. It affected me for decades; I experienced the lashing out, the fear, the stress. It stole so much from our family. I have witnessed the monumental struggle survivors encounter every day, which is why I do my best to pull others out of that suffering. 

So I pursued therapy and trauma-healing as a career.

I enrolled at Florida State University and achieved my Master’s of Social Work. I then went on to receive my certifications as a Certified Addictions Professional and Trauma Specialist. I partnered with a former Tony Robbins team member to become a certified Transformational Coach. I also became a Licensed Therapist and started my practice in Clearwater, Florida. 


During this time, I met my now-husband, Joshua. He was going through his own healing journey as a survivor of childhood sexual trauma. He experienced firsthand how traditional therapy is outdated and slow-paced. Together, we walked through his – and my – healing and recovery.


As a licensed therapist and trauma specialist, I saw the limitations of these treatments firsthand. I witnessed how traditional therapy helped deal with everyday issues – but not with complex trauma. Seeing a therapist twice a week for 5+ years isn’t a time-sensitive approach to healing sexual trauma. It simply lacks the pace and focus needed to help you fully recover. 


To get the healing you need and deserve, you need something different. Something more effective. More modern. More cutting-edge. Something on your timetable.


This inspired my passion to find a better solution to trauma recovery.

I’ve spent the last 15 years as an avid traveler researching different cultures throughout the world. I was searching for solutions and wanted to understand why other countries had higher levels of happiness and healing. I wanted to pinpoint why so many survivors of trauma here in America are continuing to suffer.

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Trauma limits the mind and body. It overrides your motivation, joy, and love of life. And our current mental healthcare system isn’t prepared to handle it.

I studied how other countries approached mental health, passion, and purpose. It was then that I uncovered how we could transform and heal survivors from trauma here in the United States.

What I found changed my path as a therapist.


That’s why I created Transformational Healing Method

A modern solution to heal survivors like you so you can live a life of wholeness, passion, and purpose. It’s a solution that lets you focus on recovering from the privacy, safety, and comfort of your own home.


Transformational Healing Method is the program I wish my mom and my husband had. It’s helped my marriage with Joshua to overflow with passion and love. It’s a program that’s brought healing and transformation to hundreds of individuals and couples. I know it can do the same for you, too.


My program takes the best of the best from therapy and coaching and combines it with cutting-edge methods of transformation. We go deep into your past and present to help you recover, release, AND create lasting change.



My methods combine:

  • Elite therapeutic techniques

  • A hybrid individual therapy approach with daily accountability, mastery, and support

  • World-class coaching

  • Powerful online course material

  • Transformational application

  • And an out-of-this-world community of other top-notch survivors like yourself


Our company has had wonderful results, since launching our 12-week trauma program. I have since helped transform over 400 sexual abuse survivors, nationwide. The next step is laying groundwork to reach a global scale. I know that sexual abuse is not just limited to the boundaries of the United States, but rather a global issue, and we plan on building support in other areas of the world.

We are here to inspire an international movement for sexual abuse survivors to feel empowered and worthy.

To anyone struggling with their past, I want you to know you are strong, can gain your life back and thrive. You are worthy of self-love and inner peace.

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