Licensed Therapist, Trauma & Addictions Specialist, Transformational Coach & Lifestyle Mentor


I’ve seen, first hand, loved ones around me suffering from mental health issues, as well as the impact it creates and what can be lost when it declines.


My mother was a trauma survivor and spent her life grappling for control and dealing with anxiety; this stunted her communication, relationships and opportunities. She only had the best of intentions, but that was often overshadowed by fear and stress. Not to misrepresent, I had a good upbringing, I have loving parents. However, over time, I noticed the patterns of her lashing out, which I now know is due to past sexual abuse. It affected me for decades; It stole so much from our family. I have witnessed the monumental struggle survivors encounter every day, which is why I do my best to pull others out of that suffering. 


My love for travel and a thirst to find a solution changed my path as a therapist. I spent the last 13 years exploring and researching different cultures around the world. The goal was to gain an understanding of healing and happiness. Why do some countries experience a higher quality of life? Even countries that have fewer resources, food, and safety. How do they prioritize happiness and joy? In comparison, why are many people in our society unhappy? With all the luxuries, wealth, and conveniences, they still feel life is not worth living… 


The answer is simple and powerful. Without purpose and passion, your life becomes meaningless. Most survivors lacked these two important traits when they come to us. Trauma creates a mental limitation that affects the body, overriding your drive, passion and joy. Survivors need more than what our current mental health care system can offer. 

I created this solution to heal survivors, because of my cultural experiences and youth. I think the time we have is vital and should be spent making memories and creating joy, for ourselves and others. It’s having a peace of mind and hope for the future. 


If you look at the way we are currently approaching mental health care, it lacks the pace and focus needed to fully recover from traumatic events. On average, a client will be seen twice a month. It’s not a time sensitive approach, but what other options have been available? Clinically, it can take up to five years or more. It’s simply an outdated treatment, one that has been set in place for decades and the real cost is to the patient.


I will clarify, traditional therapy still plays an important role. It’s needed for many issues related to mental health and I encourage others to always seek help. However, with sexual abuse survivors, they do not receive the focus, accountability or attention needed to fully heal. It takes daily check-ins, weekly assignments and lessons that promote growth and healthy routines.


Travel has opened my eyes to the significant issues we have right here at home in the United States, giving me deeper clarity as to why Americans don’t prioritize mental health.

Balancing self-care, mental health and personal time should be the standard. Seeing the gap in our society, I started creating a modern solution. What I have found, online platforms allow me to serve survivors nationwide, instead of impacting just my local community.


It’s a unique benefit, being able to access clinical information, twenty four hours a day, compared to being on a therapist’s limited schedule. Having flexibility is crucial. Virtual treatment gives the client reasonable control of their recovery, creating increased confidence and independence, and I’m pushing to stay on the cutting edge.


It’s about having access to treating your mental health, from the privacy and comfort of your home. That should be a human right. Mental health is not an expense or inconvenience; it is the deciding factor in our happiness. 


Our company has had wonderful results, since launching our 8 week trauma program. I have since helped transform over 400 sexual abuse survivors, nationwide. The next step is laying groundwork to reach a global scale. I know that sexual abuse is not just limited to the boundaries of the United States, but rather a global issue, and we plan on building support in other areas of the world.


We are here to inspire an international movement for sexual abuse survivors to feel empowered and worthy. To anyone struggling with their past, I want you to know you are strong, can gain your life back and thrive. You are worthy of self-love and inner-peace.


We are starting a #Worthy Movement to build a community for anyone struggling with self-love or self-worth. It’s not just a generational problem; it’s an issue with our society. We need to push the #MeToo Movement to the next level. Not just opening up about sexual abuse, but how we can heal and live our best lives.