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Discussing sexual abuse is an uncomfortable topic, but this epidemic cannot take a backseat and needs to maintain public awareness. The shocking stats show that 1 in 3 females and 1 and 5 males are sexually abused before the age of 18.

Connecting my purpose to my company’s greater mission, I remember growing up and watching my loved ones suffer from the effects of their childhood trauma. I experienced the lashing out, the fear and the stress. I had a wonderful upbringing, but I saw the patterns that I now recognize as coming from abuse.

I know what it’s like to want healing so badly, but feel like the options out there just aren’t cutting it.

I saw it with my family and how they spent their lives struggling for control and wrestling with anxiety after surviving sexual trauma. Additionally, I saw it in my own recovery as the daughter of a parent who survived trauma. My husband, Joshua, and I walked through that journey as he healed from the trauma in his past, as he was a survivor of childhood sexual trauma. We experienced firsthand the flaws of our mental health system and Joshua now joins me as an advocate for healing.

Together, we walked through his – and my – healing and recovery.

This is an important mission; it’s why I have dedicated my career to building a solution for survivors, an opportunity to share and connect with those who struggle with depression, anxiety and childhood sexual trauma. I consider it my purpose in many ways. Naturally, I pursued therapy, with a focus on trauma-healing as a specialty.

I enrolled at Florida State University and achieved my Master of Social Work. I then went on to receive my certifications as a Certified Addictions Professional and Trauma Specialist, Credentialed as a Licensed Therapist providing clinical expertise, lifestyle coaching and personal mentoring. Having an expert evaluate and optimize your routines and habits, upgrading and improving your quality of life.

This is my inspiration and passion, to find a better solution to trauma and abuse recovery. I’ve spent the last 15 years traveling internationally, researching different cultures throughout the world and searching for new unused methods in current mental health. It has been my passion to understand why other countries experience higher levels of happiness and healing, especially when compared to their western counterparts. Moreover, I wanted to pinpoint why so many survivors of trauma here in America continue to suffer.

What I found changed my path, mindset and approach as a therapist.

Trauma limits the mind and body, overriding motivation, joy and love of life. Our current mental healthcare system is not properly prepared to handle the massive issue.

That’s why I created Transformational Healing Method

This is a solution that focuses on recovering and building a lifestyle that supports your goals, all from the privacy, safety and comfort of your own home.

Transformational Healing Method is the program I wish my family and my husband had so many years ago. Not only has it improved my marriage with Joshua, but has brought healing and transformation to hundreds of individuals and couples.

I know it can do the same for you, too.

My mission is to help survivors of childhood trauma get unstuck and get on a path of healing that actually works.

The driving force of why we developed this program is so others can gain control of their lives.

Within Transformational Healing Method, I provide the exact tools and a clear path to follow – so you can experience the healing, strength, purpose, self-worth and peace that you so deserve.

I’ve helped hundreds of survivors of childhood sexual trauma – survivors just like you – find healing from their past and live lives of confidence and true happiness.

How do I start healing?

The first step is the most important. It's simply choosing yourself. You have to make the conscious decision to address your trauma and abuse.

I will tell you honestly, no one can help you unless you’re committed and willing to change; understanding how you are impacting the people and environment around you, exhibiting anger, sadness or are withdrawn.

If you can recognize and apply this step, you can begin healing and building a better version of yourself

The second step is the major factor for survivors taking months vs years in healing.

You must invest in an expert.

I'll use a familiar comparison:

If you broke your leg, you would want a surgeon to operate and heal your injuries. A general practitioner would lack the skill set needed to match the surgeon. On the other hand, why would you need a surgeon if all you had was a minor illness that could be treated with a basic checkup? If you are suffering from sexual trauma, this is a serious wound and mental injury that requires invasive therapy.

In comparison, my clinical approach is much like surgery, and the results are phenomenal. Transformational Healing Method isn’t just another program – it’s a solution.

How is our treatment different from traditional therapy?

There are many unique factors within our program that lead to survivors healing quicker. As a licensed therapist and trauma specialist, I saw the limitations of these treatments firsthand, witnessing how traditional therapy helped address everyday issues – but not complex trauma and multiple forms of abuse.

Seeing a therapist twice a week for 5+ years isn’t a time-sensitive approach to healing sexual trauma. It simply lacks the pace and focus needed to help you fully recover.

Alternatively, books and support groups are wonderful tools to complement treatment. However, by themselves, they often miss the mark and deeper guidance is needed to help you recover long term.

Survivors require something more specific and effective, working with the pace of a busy modern world.

This is where our 12-week program, Transformational Healing Method comes in.

  • Transformational Healing Method is a start-to-finish, cutting-edge process that walks you through the exact steps to successfully heal from your trauma in a lasting way.

  • You’ll be supported each step of the way as you understand and work through how and why your past trauma is showing up in your life today.

  • You’ll feel encouraged and empowered knowing you can calmly focus on every step in the comfort of your own home.

  • You’ll grow in confidence as you release the grip of your past, take accountability for your present and design a future you’re excited about.

  • You’ll have the support of me – your personal coach, licensed therapist and trauma specialist – along with other trauma survivors on a similar journey.

In just 12 weeks…

Engage in a private setting where you’ll be guided to:

  • Identify the surprising ways trauma is showing up in your life

  • Release your past hurts and reclaim your voice

  • Step into a future filled with passion, purpose and wholeness

Learn and apply powerful tools and techniques backed by psychology and neuroscience to:

  • Help you dissolve the anger and resentment that’s been bottled up for so long

  • Retrain your brain and reprogram the beliefs that have been subconsciously holding you back

  • Redefine how you want to move forward so you can draw clear boundaries without feeling guilty or anxious

Moreover, because it’s virtual, you’ll have access to your recovery resources 24-hours a day – no more squeezing your healing around the limited schedule of a therapist.

At the end of the 12 weeks, you’ll feel like a new person: one who loves yourself fully (inside and out) and is ready to embrace the future free from pain and full of hope and purpose.

Why Traditional Therapy is not the right approach to heal sexual abuse

The simple answer is found in how inconvenient the mental health system is. Given the traveling required, time constraints on clients and general lack of expertise when dealing with deeper issues, such as childhood sexual abuse. Overall, the current recovery options are outdated and limited in how they can help survivors of traumatic experiences.

The traditional therapy model helps you recognize surface-level symptoms, offering basic guidance and “coping tools”, but it lacks the greater levels of expertise and specific knowledge needed to recover.

Clients are attending therapy for an average of 5-7 years and some individuals attend for 10 or more years. You spend your session time talking about your daily struggles, not working on the underlying issues of trauma.

If you’re not in therapy, you may be numbing with alcohol, drugs, emotional eating, impulsive buying or by distracting yourself with work. People use their addiction to avoid thinking about their past pain or feeling any negative emotions.

EMDR & Hypnosis Therapy only helps for a limited time. People tend to have temporary relief from their trauma after hypnosis therapy, but do not sustain long-term resolution. I’m seeing clients still, today, that have used these methods; it doesn’t cure the problem.

Support groups may sound like a good option, but it doesn’t have the depth and focus that you want and need.

Self-help books give simplistic advice, but don't lead you to the results you deserve.

All of these options are outdated and slow-paced, providing a patch fix for short-term relief, not to mention time off from work, travel time and no privacy.

The fact is, traditional therapy does provide relief for your everyday problems, but it’s not geared towards those who are dealing with deeper issues.

Sexual abuse survivors don’t need a series of slow-paced sessions that provide bandaids. The real reason you are being held back, checked out and depressed is because you haven’t been given proper guidance. You don’t know how to cope or navigate your feelings.

We work on a deeper level, creating breakthroughs. This is what will lead to an extraordinary life, and you will have multiple breakthroughs within our 12 weeks together.

This is the purpose of this program, to uncover the issues holding you back. These distinctions will change your relationships and greatest of all, they will change you.

You will have the tools to succeed personally, which will create such a wonderful impact in other areas of life, focusing on building a new life and set of routines, thus, being open about greater feelings, goals, desires and most importantly, love. That is Transformational Healing Method.

How is our modern approach different?

Our program is truly unique in its ability to help individuals build a better life. It specifically focuses on developing a higher level of emotional and mental intelligence, while acknowledging greater goals and dreams. It surrounds finding the driving force and deeper motivation behind an individual’s needs, then restructures their routines, habits and beliefs around those needs. It requires follow-through on personal goals, holding space for honesty and effort, as well as resolving the complex layers of trauma and abuse. Simply put, this program is designed to take you out of past abusive cycles; it’s not just a treatment, it’s a solution.

Our 12-week program, Transformational Healing Method, takes the best therapy and coaching and combines it with cutting-edge methods of transformation. We go deep into your past and present to help you recover, release and create lasting change.

My methods combine:

  • elite therapeutic techniques

  • a hybrid individual therapy approach with daily accountability, mastery and support

  • world-class coaching

  • powerful online course material

  • transformational application

  • an out-of-this-world community of other top-notch survivors

Take a moment and open up, ask yourself:

  • How much have you changed since dealing with your trauma? Have you dealt with it alone?

  • How happy are you with your life right now? How much longer can you live like this?

  • Do you push back your feelings and ignore your pain? How has this disrupted your life?

I want people to understand this is not an uncommon reaction to trauma. I have worked with countless survivors who have pushed back their feelings, but the results were always the same, pain and loss.

They suffered the most with a lack of accountability. We use this word more often in the business world, but it’s extremely important in the area of emotions.

You have to be accountable for your feelings. If you don’t understand your feelings, you cannot express your wants & needs. This will ultimately cause a complete lack of communication with everyone in your life. If you’re not aware of your emotions, they will take control of you. This eventually leads to the greatest loss of all, yourself.

Why accountability is extremely important with our process

I believe accountability is the critical component in an individual’s healing process; without it, you cannot expect to achieve lasting change or happiness.

I want to clarify what it means to be accountable, also comparing what is at risk by not applying accountability.

Those who struggle with accountability tend to blame others and complain about surface-level issues. While they have deeper feelings, they also tend to avoid these emotions by pushing them back, or act out in destructive manners. This type of behavior is rooted in fear and shame, as emotional avoidance causes a person to make impulsive decisions.

Without accountability, the cycle of critical self-talk, destructive behaviors, toxic relationships and self-sabotage will worsen over time. Ultimately nothing changes.

Without accountability, healing will always take a back seat. Distractions and excuses will take hold, pushing self-care back as well.

We have to own our choices and decisions, especially if a positive lifestyle is the goal. People quite often know what is required for their personal growth, but choose the path of temporary relief. You cannot throw away any more time, no more avoidance.

It comes down to perspective, how you view yourself and the value you place on life. If you have been ingrained powerless, depressed and harbor fearful thoughts, how can you be expected to obtain greater dreams? It is unlikely to achieve much at all if someone cannot change their perspective, stuck in negative cycles of poor attitude and behaviors.

If you have spent countless years running from fear, shame and guilt, it’s time to start intensive work on resolving past abuse and traumatic experiences. So much has been invested in pulling away from pain; let’s finish the process correctly together and release all the negativity. Let’s get you moving in the other direction, toward purpose and positivity. This is how survivors thrive, a mindset rooted in gratitude.

How is our program conducted?

Our program can be accessed online from anywhere in the world. As long there is available internet connection, you can work with us from the comfort and privacy of your home. We make healing accessible for anyone who’s looking for a solution, not just a treatment.

Transformational Healing Method is a 12-week accelerated path to lifelong healing from depression, anxiety and childhood sexual trauma.

It is a hybrid, virtual recovery program that includes:

  • Weekly healing modules and assignments so you can uncover, address and release each layer of trauma

  • Individual coaching calls with Trish to celebrate your progress, identify any challenges and empower you with exceptional support throughout your healing journey

  • Group Q&A coaching calls to answer your questions and provide you with solutions so you can move forward in confidence. These calls reinforce positive routines and are tailored to survivors of trauma.

  • A compassionate and supportive members-only network to hold you accountable and keep you inspired along the way

Throughout your 12 weeks, you’ll receive a balance of specialized therapy and personal coaching with me – plus, a community that celebrates, motivates and supports you.

If you have spent decades searching for healing and peace, chances are, you’ve tried it all – years of therapy, treatment centers, shelves of self-help books, numbing with alcohol or food, pretending the abuse didn’t happen….

You have every right to wonder if healing – true, lasting healing – is even possible.

Transformational Healing Method was born out of the dire need to provide not just a treatment, but a solution.

This modern solution combines multiple modalities – from psychology, neuroscience, cognitive tools and more – in a unique structure that’s unlike other programs out there.

Our program is a proven system that has astounding results, and I know it can help you as well.

What is the next step for those ready to heal?

The next step is to apply through scheduling a breakthrough call with us. When you apply to Transformational Healing Method, you’re applying to be part of a premium trauma recovery program. We prioritize your healing and want to make certain our approach will be an excellent fit for you.

The best way to determine this is by scheduling a Breakthrough Call with us. This is a conversation where we talk through goals. Here, we determine if Transformational Healing Method is the best path to help reach those personal dreams and expectations.

Our goal is to serve at a higher level, by helping to create the most effective plan for your healing. Whatever your biggest challenge is, we’ve seen it and know how to overcome it.

During our Breakthrough Call, we will:

  • Discuss what’s been holding you back

  • Talk through your passions and goals to build your dream life

  • Share more information on how to get started with Transformational Healing Method if we are the best option to help you heal.

  • Provide the next steps, options and resources to help you on your path to healing if we are not the ideal option to suit your needs.

You’ll leave the call having total clarity on whether or not this program is the best fit to help you move forward in healing.

You deserve to live a life that’s full of passion, purpose and wholeness. We invite you to take the first step in healing your childhood sexual trauma by applying.

You may be asking…

How do I know if I’m the right fit for Transformational Healing Method?

You’re an ideal fit for this program if…

  • You’re a high-achieving professional who’s ambitious and ready to live an extraordinary life.

  • You’re resourceful, highly motivated, committed to doing the deep, difficult work of healing from your past and don’t want to wait one more day to find healing.

  • You’re ready to fully prioritize your healing and you’re eager to start an accelerated healing journey

This program is ideal for those who are serious about finally healing from their painful past.

Our program works best for those who are highly committed, coachable and resourceful.

Transformational Healing Method isn’t easy or comfortable – but it is effective. We’ve had 400+ sign up for this program, and we’re proud to share that 100% have successfully completed it.

Our next article, The Cost of Ignoring Your Trauma, will take a deeper dive into how sexual abuse disrupts your life. Why we need to avoid repressing emotions, and what that will cost you.

We will also take a look at the impact and damage that trauma causes, helping survivors gain clarity on what’s holding them back, identify feelings and make a plan for healing.

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