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Trish French


Offering Virtual Sessions

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Licensed Therapist, Trauma & Addictions Specialist,

Transformational Coach & Lifestyle Mentor


Specialties & Expertise

Trauma | Addiction | PTSD

  • Depression, Anxiety, Fear

  • Low Self-Worth

  • Avoiding Emotions

  • Numbing pain via alcohol, medications, emotional eating or overworking

  • Shame, guilt & self-blame

  • People pleasing

  • Lack of Boundaries

  • Repeated abuse

  • Toxic relationships/friendships

  • Trust Issues

  • Disconnected from Self & Others

  • Low self-esteem / No confidence

  • Difficulty committing/investing in relationships

  • Feeling emotionally unstable

  • Sleep issues, insomnia, nightmares

  • No passion or purpose for life

  • Lack of self-care

  • No drive or motivation to pursue hobbies, passions or healthy routines



What to Expect

Hi, I'm Trish French, Licensed Therapist, Trauma & Addictions Specialist, Transformational Coach & Lifestyle Mentor, specializing in healing trauma for 15 years. I conduct therapy sessions with a modern approach, effective & efficient.


My mission and purpose are to provide a solution, not just a treatment for temporary relief. While the sessions are one hour, the value comes from the homework I provide to create lasting transformation. Accountability is very important to my process, allowing us to measure progress and growth every step of the way.  The work you will do with me is focused on achieving peace of mind, happiness, confidence, self-worth & purpose. Foundations for a better life. 


An additional value is the homework provided after each session, assignments which will enhance your healing process, reducing the need for in-person sessions. I advocate for clients to have independence and reasonable control of their healing process, not being dependent on therapy for years. 


Virtual sessions from the comfort of your home allows you to view exclusive material on-screen, giving you my comprehensive strategy for healing complex trauma. This process is broken down step-by-step, bringing simplicity and reducing overwhelm. Working on yourself should bring a sense of joy, not stress. 


During our first session, we will review your current issues, gaining insight and clarity. Connecting important points of your past, present, and future. Discussing goals for healing, growth & transformation. 


To reach your greatest potential, you will need to be highly committed and prioritize your healing. After each session, I will provide assignments for you to complete promptly to achieve extraordinary results.


I'm grateful for the opportunity to help you on your path to healing. I look forward to meeting you!


Therapy Session Rates

Private Pay Only

Insurance Not Accepted



$250 per 60 min. session

*Rate includes Assignments, Accountability & Guidance for Healing, Growth & Transformation


Breaking free from your past so you can live a healthy, thriving life in the present starts with you.

Prioritize yourself and schedule an initial session with Trish today. 



$300 per 60 min. session

*Rate includes Assignments, Accountability & Guidance for Healing Your Relationship, Gaining Passion, Love & Happiness (Includes Family Sessions)



$350 per 60 min. session

*Rate includes non-scheduled sessions, same-day appointments, and weekend sessions.

I want you to know you are loved and important in this world. Life is waiting on you to join in. You have a reason for being here. Even the painful experiences you suffered serve a purpose, if we let them. I want you to build a positive foundation for the rest of your life.  

-Trish French, MSW, CAP, LCSW


Are you ready to break free from your past and finally heal?

You deserve to live a life that’s full of passion, purpose, and wholeness. We’re excited to share that Trish is currently accepting new clients. We invite you to take the first step in healing your trauma by scheduling below.

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