Trish French Therapy | Clearwater, FL


I had a life-changing call after viewing Trish’s masterclass on healing childhood sexual trauma. A huge breakthrough, I wanted to pursue many passions and goals but tucked away these dreams due to my chronic depression. I never stopped to consider how amazing my life could be AFTER healing. I was so amped up on our call but then fear set in, I wasn't sure this would work for me. I've been dealing with depression my whole life and thought this was "too good to be true." I ended the call feeling defeated and scared to invest.


My daily experience was a life filled with pain, depression, and anger. I put all my energy into work, thinking this would give me purpose and self-worth. Work was just a distraction from my deeper issues. I was in continuous cycles of choosing the wrong men and lost precious time with my children. I had no quality of life and didn't know where to start. I wanted a solution and wanted to start over. Fast forward seven months later… I wasted time and finances on more therapy and drinking countless bottles of wine, numbing my pain.


After seven months of living in this depression, I finally said "I'm sick and tired of feeling this way" and decided to book another call with Trish. I was absolutely ready for help and knew I couldn't do it on my own. I instantly felt relieved, knowing in my heart, I was in good hands.


With Trish's trauma program, I not only dealt with my depression but gained so much more. I found myself, a beautiful woman who had so much love to give. I look back at my life, realizing how much time and energy trauma stole from me. I spent most days avoiding pain, leading me to neglect those closest to me. I had low self-worth and always chose toxic people in relationships, desperate to feel loved. After taking full accountability for my life in the present, I was committed to becoming my best self!


Trish's program pushed me outside my comfort zone, but in a good way. I grew so much in those 10 weeks, more than I ever have. I look back and regret letting my fear take over, leading me to stay in a constant state of depression. I'm now a strong, confident woman, who is fearless and ready to pursue my dreams! I'm now a role model for my children, showing them you can achieve anything you put your mind to. And months after completing her program, I met the most amazing man and am the happiest I've ever been! We have similar values, dreams, and goals. We lift each other up every day. 


I can’t thank you enough Trish, for the care and compassion you put into your clients. You have forever changed my life! For those who are contemplating whether or not to invest in yourself, don’t make my mistake and wait seven months, or even a week. You deserve to be happy now. You don't deserve to suffer another day from trauma. Trish has the solution to help you live your dream life! My advice…Enroll now!!!