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Success Stories

Over the course of 15 years, hundreds of survivors of childhood sexual trauma have experienced healing from their past and live lives of confidence and true happiness.

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I have always been overly independent and I now attribute this to abandonment issues. I was sexually abused by my mother's boyfriend from ages 11-13, and didn't realized how this affected me. My false sense of independence wouldn’t allow me to ask for help, but after 42 years, I was coping through emotional eating, which has affected my health. I gained a substantial amount of weight and lost all confidence. Feeling exhausted and powerless, I prayed for a therapist or treatment that truly help.


My prayers were answered when I researched and found Trish's website. I felt this was a sign from God, and after talking with her, signed-up for her trauma program. Right away, Trish validated my strength, staying resilient for all these years. She commended me for having the courage to ask for help because we don't have all the answers, nor should we. Sometimes it takes an outside perspective.


From this moment, I knew she was genuine and here to help. Very compassionate and empathetic, Trish is someone who deeply cares about others. Her program is unbelievable! I’ve evolved more in the past few months then in my years of conventional therapy, and I attribute all my progress to working with her.


Instead of eating my feelings away, I now process emotions in the moment, carefully and not impulsive. Since healing my past trauma, I’ve lost over 30 pounds. Interesting fact- your body holds on to trauma and stress in many different ways. Releasing my childhood pain allowed me to remove dead weight I carried around for years. This was mind-blowing to me and my body!


The self-worth and confidence I gained helped me understand when to be independent and when to ask for help. I stopped controlling every aspect of my life, and learned to let go. Living in the present moment brings me a sense of peace. It's amazing how much I enjoy the simple things in life. Thank you Trish, for giving me my life back. You're an amazing soul.

Are you ready to finally break free from your past- living a life of confidence, peace, and genuine happiness?


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You might be wondering…
Will this actually work for me?

Transformational Healing Method isn’t just another  program – it’s an investment in a new you.

I know how it is. You’ve tried it all – years of therapy, treatment centers, shelves of self-help books, numbing with alcohol or food, pretending the abuse didn’t happen…. You have every right to wonder if healing – true, lasting healing – is even possible.


Transformational Healing Method was born out of the dire need to provide not just a treatment but a solution. This modern solution combines multiple modalities – from psychology, neuroscience, cognitive tools, emotional intelligence and more – in a unique structure that’s unlike other programs out there.


My program takes the best of the best from therapy and coaching and combines it with cutting-edge methods of transformation. What does that mean? It means we go deep into your past and present to help you recover, release, AND create lasting change.


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Still on the fence and wondering if this is the right fit?

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