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I had a life-changing call after viewing Trish’s masterclass on healing childhood sexual trauma. My biggest breakthrough was realizing how amazing my life would be AFTER healing, something I never thought about until our call. I was so amped up on our call but later became fearful that this wouldn't work and didn’t end up investing in my healing. My daily experience was a life filled with pain, depression, and anger. I put all my energy into work, thinking this would give me purpose and self-worth. Work was just a distraction from my deeper issues with trauma. I was in continuous cycles of choosing the wrong men and lost precious time with my children. I had no quality of life and didn't know where to start. I wanted a solution and wanted to start over. Forward 7 months later… I wasted time and finances on more therapy and drinking wine to numb my pain. I finally decided I NEEDED Trish’s help. I still remember celebrating on my follow-up call, 7 months later, when I finally had the courage to invest in myself. With Trish's help, I gained clarity on how my childhood sexual abuse took over my life. I spent so much time and energy avoiding my triggers and pain, that I neglected the people closest to me. I had low self-worth and always chose toxic people in relationships. After taking accountability, I was fully committed to a new life after healing. The program wasn't easy, but it was better than staying in a constant state of pain. After 2 months of hard work and effort, I became a new woman, one who is fearless and can do anything I put my mind to. I was proud to be a wonderful role model for my children. And months after graduating from Trish's program, I met the perfect man, who shares my same values and interests. I'm the happiest I've ever been!  I can’t thank you enough Trish, for the care and compassion you put into your clients. You have forever changed my life! For those who are contemplating whether or not to invest in yourself, don’t make my mistake and wait 7 months, or even a week. You deserve to be happy and not suffer from your past. My advice…DO IT NOW!!!


Trish French Therapy | Clearwater, FL | Licensed Therapist, Certified Addictions Expert, Trauma Specialist